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Yes Polyester was once a physical "bricks and mortar" store on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy.
This was before the economic reality of trading in such a fashion in the digital age came to bear and forced it's closure in March 2016.

So here are a few shots of the old place, recorded here for posterity.

Ah, nostalgia - it ain't what it used to be.

This is a great photo of the shop taken around 2012 by local photography student George Poulakis (who by now has most likely graduated and is working as a high fashion photographer
on the Paris catwalks, or maybe doing dodgy local real estate adverts using a wide angle lens to make the rooms look far bigger than they actually are.....hopefully the first thing).

Here is a shot taken out the front of the shop. Going on the Class Warfare poster visible just inside which I remember picking up at the Anarchist Bookfair, I reckon this would be 2013.

Some pics taken by a customer, Caroline Konrad back in 2011 who kindly sent them to us afterwards.

I should have some more of these somewhere, but here is a photo of our much-loved poetry slam combatants Ben John Smith and Koraly Dimitriadis, taken during one of their epic contests
held in the shop. We hosted 4 of these over the years and all were brilliant, certainly some of my fondest memories at Polyester.

And here are some shots of the shop as we left it in May 2016 - empty and barren, the soul has vacated the body. But hey, I took the soul and still have it, kept in a jar on top of the fridge
at my home, just next to the never-used shot glasses, the 10-year old bottle of Malibu and the emergency torch that doesn't have batteries.

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